Idea Academy – what a great opportunity to learn!

When we merged into Idea Group in the summer of 2021, we set our goals high: to be the most customer-oriented expert on communication, events, and marketing; the best place to work; and of course, a growing and profitable company. Our personnel’s skills and knowledge – which we have in abundance – are the backbone of our success, helping us to reach our goals. To further strengthen and expand our competence, we created our very own concept for training and development, the Idea Academy.

Idea Academy aims to ensure that we have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to succeed, on a personal level as well as on a company level. We also aim to support the professional development of our employees and make their work as interesting and versatile as possible. A company of over 30 people can offer plenty of opportunities for different jobs and career paths.

The idea behind Idea Academy is that we want to share between colleagues the high-quality expertise we have in communication, event production, and marketing. When we add some visiting experts to the mix, we create a splendid combo of new information and fresh points of view. Together, we look for ways to do things better, more creatively and more impressively.

Our clients and partners also reap the benefits since we can offer them even higher-quality services – thanks to what we learn at the Idea Academy about latest trends, bolder ways to act, and more efficient methods.

Hours’ worth of information

Idea Academy offers 2-hour sessions 2 or 3 times a month, which amounts to almost 70 hours a year to learn new skills – and that is via Idea Academy alone! On top of that, we encourage our personnel to strengthen their competence by attending training outside our company. This way, they can also introduce the latest learnings to their colleagues.

Idea Academy offers training aimed at the whole Idea crew, but also at different groups. Some of the training focuses on learning new things, and others on strengthening and expanding the already existing knowledge and skills. There is a wide selection of sessions available: joint and optional, idea workshops, intensive 15-minute meetings, and hands-on exercises.

Do you want to test our competence, or offer to teach us something? Do let us know!


Päivi Luoti

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