Towards ambitious sustainability goals

We want to do our part in building a society that is based on sustainability. We have set ourselves sustainability goals that help us to develop more sustainable business practices. We continue our work to mitigate climate change and we participate in strengthening our society’s sustainability by maintaining close relations with our clients, our employees, and the society around us.

Idea Group and sustainability

Idea Group’s sustainability actions are based on minimising the climate burden, focusing on our clients, and taking care of the well-being of our personnel. We do not want to just talk about sustainability; instead, the goal is to incorporate sustainability into everything we do, in all areas of our business.

The sustainability programme for our business is based on clear and measurable goals that impact the everyday life of our employees and clients. In addition, our subcontractors have a role in fulfilling our sustainability goals which helps us spread the positive influence of our work. Our main goals are 1) circular economy and climate change mitigation, 2) community and clients, and 3) healthy and productive work community.

Priority areas

Carbon neutrality plays a key role in our company strategy and is visible in our values and management practices. We want to be the pioneers of minimising the carbon footprint of especially our event productions.


We believe in strong partnerships, as our business is based on strong client and subcontractor relationships. We also care about how our clients approach sustainability, and we wish to strengthen the trust between all our associates by developing shared sustainability goals.


Our personnel are our greatest asset. Their wellbeing is one of our key values as we want to help them to manage their work and free time in a healthy way. A satisfied employee is more committed to the business and wants to give their best in client projects.


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