Ilona Ylinampa to boost Idea Group’s performance

Ylinampa, an awarded manager and IT influencer, joins Idea Group’s board of directors to boost the company’s growth with her strategic business skills.

Idea Group is pleased to announce that Ilona Ylinampa has been appointed to the board of directors in early 2022. Ylinampa works as a Principal Director at Accenture, international IT service and strategic consultation company. Her responsibilities include managing the company’s Financial Services and Health & Public Services sectors.

Ylinampa’s strong experience in strategic business planning, digitalisation, and utilising technology in accelerating growth will further strengthen Idea Group’s board. Ylinampa has also received several awards for her accomplishments: in 2019, she was selected as Vuoden myynnin johtaja (Sales Director of the Year) in Finland, and in 2021, Ylinampa was featured in the Top 100 ranking of Finland’s IT influencers.

For the past 15 years, Ylinampa has been forging a successful career in the field of ICT. She has an educational background in Commercial Science and Political Studies.

– I am particularly passionate about growth, and I believe that Idea Group has everything that is needed to become one of the leading companies in its field. We will concentrate first on national-level growth, and the next step is to consider all the possibilities that the international markets provide, Ylinampa says.

In addition to Idea Group and her other work, Ylinampa is the vice-chair for the Finnish Information Processing Association TIVIA, a board member in Tietotekniikan tutkimussäätiö (Information Technology Research Foundation), and a member of Technology Industries in Finland’s innovation and competitiveness committee.

– Board members are not there just to participate in meetings but to actively discuss relevant matters and participate in strategic planning that develops the business further, Ylinampa notes.


Idea Group is the result of a merger between communication agency Telegraafi and event planning company Tapahtumallinen. Ylinampa helped to sharpen Idea Group’s service portfolio and business strategy.

– With this fusion, Idea Group can provide its customers with a wider selection of services. Customer needs can be taken into account more fully since the different parts of the new company strengthen each other. The board aims to develop Idea Group as a business while ensuring profitable growth, tells Ylinampa.

Ylinampa was particularly impressed with Idea Group’s skilful and professional staff and their genuine willingness to help their customers.

– Brand is important for any company. Corporate responsibility and the employer image are significant factors in recruiting new employees and personnel retention, reminds Ylinampa.



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