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” Telegraafi and Tapahtumallinen are both well-known and valued companies. We’ll make sure not to lose any of the best parts.”

A long process has finally reached its goal, as Tapahtumallinen and Telegraafi were finally united in early July. The new group saw daylight after many phases of corporate restructuring. The new unique combination helps us challenge other operators in the fields of event planning and communication.

Communication agency Telegraafi had already been looking for a suitable partner for a while to accelerate its growth. When Telegraafi and Tapahtumallinen began to work on a shared project with the same client, the idea of collaborating in the future on a larger scale started to seem promising.

Later, Tapahtumallinen arranged the welcome party at Telegraafi’s new office, and the idea of a shared future seemed even more promising. This started the first conversation of many negotiations that lasted for almost a year.


Telegraafi Oy and Tapahtumallinen Oy are both well-known and valued companies in their field. Both are among the most influential businesses in Southwest Finland. Both companies have functioning business models and plenty of satisfied customers. Many of the discussions about corporate restructuring were focused on these facts.

Instead of a fusion, we wanted to keep everything that did not need restructuring. We decided that offering a wider selection of services, accelerating our growth, and balancing our operations should be our goals. Merging of the two businesses would also bring mutual benefit in different ways.

We decided on restructuring ourselves as a group so that both subsidiary companies could continue working under their own brands. This way, we could also begin to offer new types of service combinations from both businesses. Neither would have to risk losing their flexibility and sincerity in customer work. The name Idea Group was chosen to facilitate any plans for future international operations.


Time – and the lack of it – is the key element of our modern hectic society. For companies, this underlines the need to be very consistent in everything they do. This includes clear messaging about both the goods and services a company offers but also about the values a company represents. Communication and its planning should be strategic and systematic: this way, the desired message can be delivered to the customer in a clear and efficient manner.

In the event business, Covid-19 made the entire industry think more closely about smoothly running arrangements and delivering perfected messages. The participants do not want to waste their time with half-finished events! Idea Group’s wide selection of professional services assures that strategic communication is an integral part of events and that bringing people together is at the core of your company’s strategic messaging. We offer a unique combination of skills that bring success to our clients.

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Sanni Rostedt

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