It’s time to celebrate Idea Group’s first birthday

Communication agency Telegraafi and event planning company Tapahtumallinen joined forces on April 1, 2021. Together, we became Idea Group.

Our first year as Idea Group went by fast, and we celebrated our first birthday with just our nearest and dearest. Things have been moving along smoothly for the entire year as we’ve familiarised ourselves with new methods, made plans for a shared future, and worked together towards a shared goal. Unfortunately, we could not fully escape Covid-19’s influence. In the past year, event planning side of our business took a new hit, but we grabbed Covid by the horns and used the extra time we had to make plans for the future.

It’s a rare thing that a communication agency and an event planning company merge together. More commonly, event companies merge with each other, and the same applies for communication, advertising, and digital companies. We see a chance to do something brand new that gives a new direction to the entire field of event planning. In the recent years, events have become an even more integral part of company strategy, including metering and corporate responsibility. Above all else, events are corporate messaging.

One of our initial ideas has also become a reality: Idea Group can offer a wonderful combination of expertise of a big company and flexibility of a small company. Strategic business management, a wide selection of communication, events, and advertising services, and our strong expertise are based on Tapahtumallinen’s and Telegraafi’s many years of independent success.


One of Idea Group’s strategic goals is to be the most wanted employer in our field. For this reason, we want to make sure that our employees are satisfied. How would our Ideacrew describe the best workplace in their field?

  • Your colleagues and everyone in the work community should support new innovations
  • There should be room for failure as well
  • Everyone should have the courage to question their own methods
  • You don’t have to try to be someone else 
  • Everyone can be honest about their skills and resources
  • A non-hierarchic organization
  • Everyone needs to keep their promises, even the small ones
  • We think before we promise
  • We have the courage to say to our colleagues if we can’t handle something
  • Everyone should be able to be flexible about arranging their own work
  • We are honest with our customers

We are committed to these ideas and many others like them. In Idea Group, we believe that a good attitude leads to a great outcome. Our slogan could very well be “Simply the nicest”. We don’t produce services from one organisation to another, but from people to people.

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